Shameer.K.S , a content writer in Kochi, Kerala. If you are in search of attractive contents for your profile, brochure, website, you will be in need of a professional content writer who can write attractive contents for you. The person should reach you and communicate with you. Above all, the content writer should deliver the task within the time and up to your satisfaction. That is why I can help you.

The job of a content writer is all about making your web pages attractive with concise and catchy phrases and words. Sometimes, you may intend to bring the website to a different set of readers who do not have any commercial interests. Sometimes, you want to help people in need.

A content writer should read your minds as your alter ego and express your ideas in his/her own words so that your ideas are better conveyed. A content writer should work as a bridge between writers and readers. Shameer KS, as a content writer, meets all these specifications. Shameer works in all ways to your convenience. He receives your call; meets you in person; gets your ideas on WhatsApp; reads your email and replies. Therefore, he is a buddy who listens to you. 

content writing

  • Your website deserves catchy texts that motivate customers to visit


copy writing

  • Ads require brief, concise texts that tell a long story short


  • In search of someone who translate your works it into English.


  • You are a good writer but trusted artist can enhance your words.


  • In need of a mentor to help to you write help your writing grow.  


Rebelliously efficient is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think of Shameer KS. I have enjoyed working with him at Other Books edit board over a decade. His presence played a key role in the evolution of the company both on the intellectual and emotional front. 
Dr Auswaf Ahsan Publisher, Medical educator